About me

The Magic of MariusArt

From an early age I have been fascinated by visual art in general and surreal and fantasy art specifically. While still in school I started making art seriously with different mediums such as water­colours, oils and inks. Besides studying land­scape architecture I began work­ing on various com­missions and made my first exhibitions in Vienna. Around this time I was also in­volved as a musician in various bands and music projects.

Always being interested in both technical and artistic views of design, I began to combine the two in working as a professional graphic designer, photo editor and illustrator.

Another passion has always been model­making with various mediums and materials. So with time I began combining object design, body­painting and photo­graphy / film­making in my newer artistic works.

My main focus is working with people on my artistic projects though my interests also lie in design, nature and architecture.

Projects I'm currently planning and working on will mainly be combinations of video and music.

Offered services:

I'm available for com­mission on projects relating to graphic design, photo­design, image com­positing and illustra­tion or those requiring creative input in visual design generally.